"We are using ModelSearch since 1 year and we are more than happy.
The ROI was less than 6 months. Now we are looking forward to use the new Release ModelSearch,
where we can combine the geometrical Search with the Parameter-Search which will be an additional advantage for,
so Stefanie Altenburger from the swiss located company" Bucher Leichtbau AG

"ModelSearch not only covers our requirements optimally, so we again use more parts today than this was the case in the past.
The solution ofTECHSOFT costs only a fraction of the competitive solutions -
an aspect that should not be underestimated' says Robert Wolf/ Mapfan.

"Already in the first test project ModelSearch proved its qualities", Jörg Rohrbach praises the solution. "My colleagues were in a very short time be able to build in already existing parts, so we were ready on time despite the really demanding time schedule. All colleagues were impressed from the start "

"The elimination of manual classification has been the dream of every developer, this course the automatic aftercare - supports enormous: As soon as, for example, a plate with four holes is changed to six holes, found both in Model Manager and in ModelSearch of a fix instead of.

Urs Ammann (Manager Development Tools)

Bystronic Laser AG

GESSIs Top 5 Arguments for Using ModelSearch
• Our designers are now less likely to completely reinvent a product.
• It is very helpful for us to know at the push of a button how many components with the same geometry but of different materials exist.
• Using ModelSearch's fully automated geometric footprint of each model, we can even search for new suppliers of needed accessories.
• Data Management has been optimized in several ways thanks to ModelSearch, because unwanted duplicates are no longer an issue.
• We appreciate the variety of different search options, such as tap handles with different lever lengths, tubing within a certain length spectrum or components with the same diameters.

„ModelSearch enables us to significantly reduce our parts catalogue. We can reuse an unprecedented number of existing parts in a targeted manner instead of having to redesign them. In this way, in addition to design, we also reduce the workload of other departments such as planning, warehouse and production.“

Ben Lawson, Managing Director at Multotec Australia

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